This thesis focuses on two markets: France and the United States. Although these markets are competitive in several areas, sometimes some cooperation is needed in order to achieve a successful venture. The focus of this thesis is on two major issues. First, how can an American company, with a French partner, venture in France? And, second, how can a French company "invade" the U.S. market, with the help of a local company? To narrow the focus of this thesis, these " multipartite" joint ventures are to be dealt with. The thesis concerns the joint ventures made from two corporations, one from the United States, the other from France, with one of them deciding to venture in the foreign market (either France or the United States), with the help of a local partner. this thesis also elaborates on the association of two separate independent corporations in a business enterprise, over the management of which they exercised common control. The venture may or may not be profit-oriented and may or may not be carried out through the means of a corporation. It may be intended to be either temporarily or of indefinite duration.