Most Recent Additions


Class Component in the Age of the New ABA Standards
Sande Buhai, Rebecca Delfino, and Diane Uchimaya


The Externship Director Role: One Size Does Not Fit All
Beth G. Schwartz and Kennisha A. Austin


Email, Social Media, and Professionalism for Externs
Bernadette Feeley, Jennifer Murphy Romig, and Colleen T. Scarola


Seize the Data! Using Evidence from Externship Courses to Measure Law School Learning Outcomes
Christine Zellar Church, Robert L. Jones Jr., Kendall L. Kerew, and Kelly S. Terry


Wellness Event: Walk/Run
University of Georgia School of Law


Click Here: Externship Data Management Tools to Increase Productivity (and Promote Sanity)
Jodi S. Balsam, Lauren N. Donald, Carolyn Young Larmore, and Sarah Shalf


Creative Collaborations with Career Services Offices
Denise Roy, Leanne Fuith, and Adam Brown


Changing of the Guard: Law School Millennials & Law Graduate Professionals
Dena Bauman, Jessica Heywood, and Teresa Schmiedeler


Plenary Three: The Justice Mission of Externships: Preparing our Students to Advocate for Justice
Douglas Ammar, Alexi Freeman, Daisy Hurst Floyd, Timothy Floyd, and Sue Schechter

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