Most Recent Additions


Opening Remarks
Margaret V. Sachs and Peter B. Rutledge


Keynote Address
Paul G. Mahoney


Panel A: Securities Regulation
Margaret V. Sachs, Patrick Corrigan, Donna M. Nagy, Adam C. Pritchard, and Jeff Schwartz


Panel B: Startups
Eric C. Chaffee, Anat Alon-Beck, Benjamin P. Edwards, Elizabeth Pollman, and Abbey R. Stemler


Panel C: Competition
Da Lin, Jordan M. Barry, Gregory Day, and Ramsi Woodstock


Panel D: Business Law Thoery
Christopher M. Bruner, Justin W. Evans, Arthur Laby, Paolo Saguato, and Matthew Wansley


Plenary Panel: A Wild Decade in Finance 2008-2018
Joan MacLeod Heminway, William W. Bratton, Giles T. Cohen, Lisa M. Fairfax, James J. Park, Roberta Romano, and Veronica Root


Panel A: Insider Trading
Jeff Schwartz, John P. Anderson, George A. Mocsary, James J. Park, and Menesh Patel

*Updated as of 08/19/18.