Most Recent Additions


Publicly Funded Objectors
Elizabeth Chamblee Burch


Short-Circuiting the New Major Questions Doctrine
Kent H. Barnett and Christopher J. Walker


The Politics of Invoking Chevron Deference
Kent H. Barnett, Christina L. Boyd, and Christopher J. Walker


Medical Staff Alignment and Recruitment Strategies
Carol Alexander, William Kanto, Ben Robinson, Troy Heidesch, and Mason Reid


Technological Innovations Addressing Access Shortages
Jeff Robbins, Sherrie Williams, Baha Zeidan, and Fazal Khan


Keynote Address
Alan Morgan


Rural Hospital Consolidation, Affiliations, and Closures
Bill Boling, HD Cannington, Robin Rau, and Jim Coleman


Regulatory Issues Affecting Rural Healthcare and Potential Remedies
Gary Nelson, Lisa Carhuff, Kay Floyd, and Elizabeth Weeks Leonard


Distressed Provider Outlook: Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Acquisitions
Kirk Olsen; Scott W. Goodspeed; J. Robert Williamson; W. Wright Banks, Jr.; and Bill Boling


Telehealth & the Future of Technology Impacting Rural Health
Erica Baker, Julia Driessen, Tanya Mack, Steve McGraw, and Glenn Pearson


Afternoon Plenary Session
Bruce Baird Struminger


State of Rural Healthcare Legislation & Public Policy
Brock Slabach, Ethan James, William Custer, Preston W. Smith, and Elizabeth Weeks Leonard

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