University of Georgia School of Law

Advocate Magazine

Volume 18, Issue 1 (1982) The Georgia Advocate Placement Edition


  • Letter From the Dean 
  • Academic Calendar and Description 
  • Placement Policies and Procedures 
  • Faculty 
  • Clinical Education Programs 
  • Student Organizations 
  • Employment Preference Index 
  • Directory of Graduates

With great pleasure and pride we introduce in this directory the 1983 graduating class of the University of Georgia School of Law. This senior class, 224 students selected from 1,564 applicants, entered the Georgia Law School in the fall of 1980 with a mean undergraduate grade point average of 3.54 and an average Law School Admission Test score of 645. The selectivity of our admissions standards and the entering qualifications of our students combine to assure competence in these students, who then participate in a rigorous course of study.

This course of study, a comprehensive program in legal education, includes a carefully planned curriculum, taught by legal educators whose national and international reputations rest on their instruction, scholarship and service. Our students themselves conduct research and study in a Law School Library ranked among the top twenty in the nation as defined by the 1978-1979 ABA Review of Legal Education. To broaden their education, many of these students participate in clinical programs that include prosecution, legal aid, legal writing for publication, and trial preparation, and they become involved in organizations that offer practical experience in and a respect for our legal system.

We welcome your inquiries about these students, encourage you to utilize our placement services, and invite you to visit the University of Georgia School of Law at your earliest convenience.

J. Ralph Beaird Dean