University of Georgia School of Law

Advocate Magazine

Volume 28, Issue 1 (1993)


  • Who's Who: New students, faculty & staff
  • Meet the New Dean: A Question and Answer Session with Ned Spurgeon by Kathy R. Pharr
  • Kicking Off the Academic Year: Faculty/Staff Party, New Student Activities, Legal Career Services Update
  • Law in the Public Interest: A new student organization serves the needy in the Athens area by Jean Cleveland
  • Compendium: Moot Court, Visitors to the School of Law, the Chaffin Portrait
  • Homecoming 1992 & 1993: BOV/LSAC Planning Retreat, Festivities
  • Meet the Challenge
  • Calendar of Events
  • Faculty Briefs
  • A Salute to the Former Dean: A reflection on Ron Ellington's service as dean
  • Graduation 1993
  • Law Day 1993 & 1992
  • Class Notes



Volume 28, Issue 1 (Fall 1993)
University of Georgia School of Law