University of Georgia School of Law

Advocate Magazine

Volume 30, Issue 2 (1995)


  • Keeping Pace With Technology
  • The Law School Responds to the Evolving Profession Law Day 1996
  • Preserving the Rule of Law Through Professionalism Law Dawgs at the Olympics
  • The Pivotal Roles UGA Law Graduates Play in the 1996 Summer Games (Includes profiles of Horace Sibley, Billy Payne, Chris Welton, Bill Ferguson, and Logan Ide) 
  • Chester Davenport: African American Pioneer Inspires BLSA members Faculty Scholarship 
  • Protecting Georgia's Students Against Illegal License Fees--Professor L. Ray Patterson
  • Mass Tort Settlements and the Lessons of Administrative Law--Professor Richard A. Nagareda
  • Introductions Rusk Hall Update Programs - Sibley Lecture
  • United Nations Academic Roundtable
  • Edith House Lecture
  • Red Clay Conference Alumni - Letters from LSA and BOX Leaders
  • Development Update
  • Travels Students - Moot Court Report
  • In Brief News Update - Prisoner Legal Counseling Project
  • Differential Tuition Class Notes



Volume 30, Issue 2 (Spring 1996)
University of Georgia School of Law