University of Georgia School of Law

Advocate Magazine

Volume 39, Issue 1 (2005)


  • Nation Building
  • Striving for Democracy in Post-War Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Producing a Community of Scholars
  • Common Law Taught by an Uncommon Man
  • Headlines
  • White Permanently Takes Deanship
  • Hirsch Hall Highlights
  • Faculty Accomplishments
  • Protecting the Environment During Wartime
  • Leavell Leaves Behind a Legacy at Georgia Law
  • Student Briefs
  • Student Creates Painting Depicting Elements of First-Year Legal Study
  • Alumni Activities
  • Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2004
  • Blasingame and Franklin Receive Service Scroll Awards
  • Class Notes
  • In Memoriam



Volume 39, Issue 1 (Winter 2005)
University of Georgia School of Law

cover image photo of C. Donald Johnson, Kevin Jon Heller, Erica Hashimoto, and Peter J. Spiro