The official title of this plan as printed on the title page is "Blueprint for Excellence". Attached to the inside cover is a memorandum addressed to the faculty and dated December 23, 1976. The law library's stamped accession date also appears on the physical document's last page as January 26, 1977. Two hard copies of this strategic plan document can be found in the library archives collection for in library use only.


This 34-page spiral bound booklet includes a detailed strategic plan for the University of Georgia School of Law. Although portions of the planning booklet are works of the collective departments at the School of Law, the plan bears the Dean of the Law School's name as author, J. Ralph Beaird. In the introduction Beaird notes that the blueprint goal is to provide an "objective appraisal o four past as well as a purposeful and specific plan for the future". He goes on to outline that "the analysis will be concerned with the 'four pillars' of quality education - students, instruction, library, and physical plant". The second paragraph of the introduction also notes that "the blueprint will highlight a three-year plan for achieving excellence".

1976_memo.jpg (136 kB)
Memo to faculty from Dean Beaird dated December 23, 1976