Faculty Colloquia, Spring 2006 Series

January 27: Ronald Rotunda
The Detainee Cases of 2004 and Their Aftermath

February 3: Jim Rossi
Approaching Deference for State Regulators in Antitrust Law Through Chevron

February 17: Julie Seaman
The Expert Witness as Stealth Fact-Finder: Hidden Hearsay, Confrontation, and Jury Determination of Facts

February 24: Anthony Alfieri
The Fall of Legal Ethics and the Rise of Risk Management

March 1: Michael Wells
"Sociological Legitimacy" in the Supreme Court

March 8: Michael Perry
Is capital punishment constitutional under the Eighth Amendment? And if it's not, should the Supreme Court so rule?

April 7: John Langbein
Trust Law as Regulatory Law

April 12: Alan Watson
Lord Mansfield: Judicial Integrity or its Lack: Somerset's Case

April 21: Thomas Lee
The World Balance of Power and the Evolution of U.S. Foreign-States' Law