Georgia Zoning Ordinances and Maps, Folder 1: Atlanta Region


Adam D. Orford

This collection includes zoning ordinances adopted by every jurisdiction with zoning in the state of Georgia, and zoning maps generated by planning professionals, typically using GIS software, corresponding to each zoning ordinance. This folder contains files for jurisdictions within the Atlanta Regional Commission territory. The 82 items contained in this folder set are PDF and web link files including the original file name schema created by Adam Orford. Items are titled with their regional commission name (e.g., "Atlanta RC"), their county name (or "multi county" in the case of municipalities in multiple counties), and the municipality's name, followed by the words "zoning ordinance" or "zoning map".


This data subset created and collected and digitally preserved here is in support of the Georgia Zoning Atlas public research platform project, led by Professor Adam Orford. See The National Zoning Atlas is a collaborative of researchers digitizing, demystifying, & democratizing ~30,000 U.S. zoning codes. It is housed at the Cornell University Legal Constructs Lab, led by Professor Sara Bronin, and has team members working on regional and statewide atlases around the country.