CONFERENCE: The Future of Global Health Governance

Hosted by the Dean Rusk International Law Center and the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law on January 25, 2021 in Athens, Georgia

When we began developing this topic last winter and early spring, the global pandemic in which we still find ourselves deeply entrenched, a year later, was just emerging. For many in the United States, including our former President, the threat seemed distant, even hypothetical.' Few imagined the devastating loss of life, health, economic security, home, family, companionship, and "normal" ways of life that we would come to experience over the next year.

As we near the one-year anniversary of the first lockdown orders in the United States, three broad themes emerge from the COVID-19 landscape that inform the topic of this symposium on The Future of Global Health Governance. First, comparison of the public health infrastructure in the United States to other developed countries. Second, comparison of the social safety nets and other measures that the United States took to alleviate the effects of the virus to the rest of the world. Finally, the impacts of partisan polarization and distrust of government and science on pandemic response and management.