Georgia Journal of Comparative and International Law, Vol. 13, Supplement (1983), pp. 323-326


The United Nations has been trying to do three different things. First, the United Nations had to develop the basic principles of intervention. Most of them were borrowed from the Charter of the Organization of American States, especially those on intervention, but they went much further concerning the limitations on help to guerrillas and the problems of interference by various means. The United Nations Declaration on Friendly Relations, the Declaration on Inadmissibility of Intervention, and several other documents have been broadening or clarifying the law on the subject over the last 20 years. Second, as noted previously, the United Nations has been trying to resolve problems with the regional organizations concerning the division of power between them and the United Nations. Third, the United Nations has been trying, as mentioned before, to take preventive action in some dangerous situations, in order to provide better protection for human rights, and attempting to intervene early enough to prevent an explosion.