Captivitas and Matrimonium

Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis [Legal History Review], Vol. 29, No. 2 (1961), pp. 243-259


Despite Corbett's dissenting voice, modern jurists are agreed that generally 'captivitas' ended a Roman marriage and that 'postliminium' did not apply.

D. 24.2.1 (Paul 35 ad ed.): Dirimitur matrimonium divortio morte captivitate vel alia contingente servitute utrius eorum.

D. (Tryphoninus 4 disp.): Sed captivi uxor tametsi maxime velit et in domo eius sit, non tamen in matrimonio est.

This second text is significant since it comes from the middle of Tryphoninus' discussion of 'postliminium' and there is no sign of the doctrine of 'pendens'. Moreover, it is unlikely that any account of such has been cut out since Justinian favored the survival of the marriage.