Authority of Law; and Law

Publication citation
Watson, Alan. 2003. Authority of law; and law: eight lectures. Stockholm: Institutet fr̈ Rẗtshistorisk Forskning.

ISBN 9185190691

Table of contents
Transformations of law: Justinian's Institutes 1.2., I; Stair; Mackenzie -- Justinian's Corpus Iuris Civilis: Oddities of Legal Development; and Human Civilization -- The Ten Commandments and the Nature of law -- Jesus and the Gerasene/Gaderene Demoniac (Mark 5.1-20) -- Armchair Lawyers: the Case of the Roman lex Aquilia -- Rationale of Law; and Authority -- The Failure of Scottish Legal Education in the 17th Century, and the American Civil War -- Legal Culture v. Legal Tradition