Comparative Law: Law, Reality and Society (2nd edition)

Publication citation
Watson, Alan. 2008. Comparative law: law, reality and society. Lake Mary, FL: Vandeplas Pub.

ISBN 9781600420603

Table of contents
Law in books, law and reality: a comparative law perspective -- Law out of context -- Moses and the Ten Commandments -- Two gospel vignettes: Jesus and the Samaritan woman; Jesus and the adulteress -- Private law, religion, and international law in early Rome -- Artificiality, reality and Roman contract law -- Justinian's Corpus Iuris Civilis: oddities of legal development; and human civilization -- Justinian's natural law and its Spanish legacy -- The failure of Scottish legal education in the 17th century, and the American Civil War -- Lord Mansfield: judicial integrity or its lack; Somerset's case -- Chancellor Kent's use of foreign law -- Foreign legal thinking -- The culture of judges -- The law of delict and quasi delict in the French code civil -- The justice of the U.S. constitution -- Epilogue: Julius Caesar: descendant of a slave?