Athens Observer, Vol. 14, No. 47 (November 19, 1987), pp. 1A, 3A


If John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated in 1963 while driving through the streets of Dallas, and were still living, he would be 70 years old this year. This fact is fairly well known. What is less known is that another man who died a tragic early death, many years earlier, also would have turned 70 this year -- last Sunday, Oct. 25, in fact. But unlike JFK, who was 46 when gunned down, this man was only 28 at death. And unlike JFK, this man took 13 -- some would say 26 -- others with him to death. This man was Charles Carroll Taylor, born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1917. Charles Taylor was the veteran pilot in charge of Flight 19, which in one of the strangest incidents in naval aviation flew to its doom over the Atlantic Ocean in 1945.

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