Published in four parts: Part I: Georgians Died on Titanic, Athens Observer, April 21-27, 1994, p. 6; Part II: On the Titanic: Archie Butt, Athens Observer, April 28-May 4, 1994, p. 6; Part III: On the Titanic: Jacques Futrelle, Athens Observer, May 5-May 11, 1994, p. 6A; Part IV: May Futrelle Survived Titanic, Athens Observer, May 12-May 18, 1994, p. 6A


Hardly anyone remembers the Dona Paz or the Wilhelm Gustloff, but almost everyone knows about the Titanic. However, few know that four Georgians--three men and a woman--were aboard the doomed Titanic, and that the three men died in the catastrophe. The oldest of the men was a 67-year old philanthropist who many years earlier had lived in Georgia for almost ten years. The second man was a 46-year old army major who was a confidential advisor to and close personal friend of two presidents. The third man, who had celebrated his 37th birthday in a fashionable London restaurant only six days earlier, was a noted writer who specialized in detective stories. The only Georgian to survive was the 36-year old wife of the detective story writer. Isn't it therefore time to tell the story of Isidor Straus, Archibald Butt, and Jacques and May Futrelle -- the four Georgians on the Titanic?

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