Originally published in Flagpole on November 22 ,2017.


In 1992, nearly three decades after JFK was slain by hidden sniper fire in Dallas, TX, on Nov. 22, 1963, Congress without any dissenting votes passed a statute “to provide for the expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

The recent astonishing refusal of President Trump to release in full the contents of all remaining classified JFK assassination files confirms that more than half a century after the assassination the governmental coverup of the full truth about that dreadful murder is still underway.

This article reviews the actions immediately preceding October 26, 2017, the date the JFK assassination records were required to be disclosed in full to the public; absent a certification by the President of the United States that the public interest in disclosure is outweighed by the type of identifiable harm specified in the statute.

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