Georgia's Outdoor Adventures, Vol. 11, No. 2 (February 2009), pp. 11, 15


When you take a walk in the woods to hunt or just to enjoy the outdoor beauty, you never know what might have happened there in the past. A large tract of woodlands in Bibb County is a good example. When I visited there recently, the woods were calm and quiet and the mature oak trees stood in silent witness to the violence that occurred here many years ago. But on August 6, 1887 nine persons were slain at this location in the woods, just off highway 74 in Bibb County. The house where the murders occurred is long gone, but nine members of the Ocmulgee Archaeological Society (strangely, number of murder victims here also was nine!) came to investigate and to re-establish the lost location of the house site. In this goal we were successful and located the house site, along with supporting house debris (such as bricks, hinges, and an old window weight), and the old well. We came to this site not to judge prior events, but to re-examine an historical event and document physical remains of the murder site as an official Georgia archaeological site.

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