Recent Faculty Scholarship & Activities September 2007



Alexander W. Scherr has received a $100,000 National Science Foundation grant to conduct qualitative research titled “Legalizing Community: Lawyers and Citizen Activism in Neighborhood Disputes,” in which he will study the impact that legal practices have on the formation of community identity. Scherr is the first full-time UGA law professor to receive a grant from the NSF.

Anne Proffitt Dupre recently moderated a forum on "Campus Free Speech" at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Anne Proffitt Dupre, speaker, "Youth Rights Inside and Outside of School," the American Bar Association's National Law-Related Education Leadership Conference in New Orleans, September, 2007

J. Randy Beck's paper "Where's the Syllogism?: Gonzales, Casey and the Viability Rule" was recently listed on SSRN's top 10 download list for law and positive political theory.

Alan A. Cook was quoted in an Associated Press article regarding adequate defense funding in the Brian Nichols case.

Alan A. Cook was quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding the death penalty in armed-robbery murder cases.

Daniel M. Bodansky, speaker, "The International Climate Regime Post-Kyoto: An Integrated, Multi-Track Framework," University of Toronto, September, 2007

Donald E. Wilkes Jr., Federal Postconviction Remedies and Relief Handbook, 5th ed. (Thomson/West, 2007-2008)

Alan A. Cook was quoted in The Florida Times-Union regarding a physician arrested under Georgia's felony murder law.

E. Ann Puckett, speaker, "How Potential Employers Approach Disability: A Survey of Law Students in Georgia," Emory University's Conference on Ethics and Professionalism: Lawyers and Disability, September, 2007

Dan T. Coenen wrote an article featured in The Red and Black regarding the merits and success of the Constitution.

C. Ronald Ellington led a panel discussion on "Universal Standard of Civility in the Legal Profession" as part of the Federal Bar Association Annual Meeting and Convention, September, 2007.

Thomas A. Eaton led a panel discussion on "Civil Rights in the South" as part of the Federal Bar Association Annual Meeting and Convention, September, 2007.

Erica J. Hashimoto was featured on HDNet's "World Report" regarding the Genarlow Wilson case.

Paul J. Heald, speaker, "Property Rights and the Efficient Exploitation of Copyrighted Works," Waseda University in Tokyo, September, 2007.

Lonnie T. Brown Jr., "Lawyers" not "Liars": A Modified Traditionalist Approach to Teaching Legal Ethics, 51 Saint Louis University Law Journal 1119 (2007)

David A. Brennen, Foreword: Introducing the Law of Nonprofit Organizations and Philanthropy, 41 Georgia Law Review 1099 (2007) (symposium issue)

Russell C. Gabriel was quoted in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer regarding a case where a man was charged with attempted child molestation after founders of the Web site Perverted-Justice.com posed as a young girl and solicited him.

Donald E. Wilkes Jr. was quoted in the Los Angeles Daily Journal regarding shifting the responsibility of making decisions that affect the death penalty from the federal court to the U.S. attorney general.

David E. Shipley, Milner S. Ball: Proof That One Professor Can Make a Difference, 41 Georgia Law Review 753 (2007)

Rebecca Hanner White, Milner Ball: Mentor, Teacher, and Friend, 41 Georgia Law Review 743 (2007)

Paul J. Heald, Meeting of the Minds, Part II: A Dark and Angry God Arises, 41 Georgia Law Review 849 (2007)

J. Randy Beck, The Essential Holding of Casey: Rethinking Viability, 75 UMKC Law Review 713 (2007)

C. Ronald Ellington, Milner Ball: My Student, My Teacher, 41 Georgia Law Review 749 (2007)