Recent Faculty Scholarship & Activities December 2007



Ronald L. Carlson was quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding proportionality review of death penalty cases by the Georgia Supreme Court.

Donald E. Wilkes Jr. was quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding banishment sentences.

David E. Shipley, Thin But Not Anorexic: Copyright Protection for Compilations and Other Fact Works, 15 Journal of Intellectual Property Law 92 (2007)

Erica J. Hashimoto, The Price of Misdemeanor Representation, 49 William and Mary Law Review 461 (2007)

Walter Hellerstein was quoted in an Orlando Sentinel commentary regarding Florida’s “Save Our Homes” tax amendment.

Daniel M. Bodansky presented a paper he co-authored titled "Towards an Integrated Multi-Track Climate Framework" at the UN climate change conference, December, 2007

C. Ronald Ellington was recently presented with the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

David A. Brennen, The Commerciality Doctrine as Applied to the Charitable Tax Exemption for Homes for the Aged: State and Local Perspectives, 76 Fordham Law Review 833 (2007) (symposium issue)

Lonnie T. Brown, Representing Saddam Hussein: The Importance of Being Ramsey Clark, 42 Georgia Law Review 47 (2007)

Michael L. Wells, The "Order-of-Battle" in Constitutional Litigation, 60 SMU Law Review 1539 (2007)