Recent Faculty Scholarship & Activities April 2009



Peter A. Appel co-authored an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution with Dr. T. Rick Irvin, J.D., regarding the need for Georgia to recruit sustainable commerce companies to the state.

Walter Hellerstein, Discriminatory State Taxation of Private Activity Bonds After Davis, 123 Tax Notes 447 (2009) (with E. Harper)

Robert P. Bartlett, speaker, "Blind Consent? A Social Psychological Investigation of Non-Readership of Click-Through Agreements", New York University's Law and Economics Colloquium, April, 2009

Donald E. Wilkes Jr. was quoted in The Gainesville Times regarding a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that restricted the authority of police officers to search a vehicle after a traffic stop arrest.

Visiting Professor Juliet M. Moringiello was quoted in The News Journal (Wilmington, Del.) regarding privacy issues of content posted on the social networking Web site Facebook.

Donald E. Wilkes Jr., Federal Postconviction Remedies and Relief Handbook, 7th ed. (Thomson/West, 2009)

Lonnie T. Brown, speaker, "When Trouble Walks in the Door: Ethical Dilemmas in Accepting an Engagement and Working up a Case", ABA Litigation Section Annual Conference, May, 2009

Rebecca H. White was featured in Diverse magazine as one of the "First Ladies of Law." In the article, she answers questions on a variety of topics such as "How does being in your region of the country inform your role and priorities for the law school?"

Michael L. Wells, speaker, "A Common Lawyer's Perspective on the European Perspective on Punitive Damages", Louisiana Law Review's symposium on punitive damages, April, 2009

Juliet M. Moringiello (visiting professor), speaker, "Targeting Individuals Online: What Every Lawyer Should Know About the New Technologies and Marketing", American Bar Association Section of Business Law Spring Meeting, April, 2009

David A. Brennen was quoted in the Lexington Herald-Leader regarding his selection as dean of the University of Kentucky College of Law.

J. Randy Beck, Gonzales, Casey, and the Viability Rule, 103 Northwestern University Law Review 249 (2009)

Peter B. Rutledge, speaker, "The Arbitration Fairness Act," to the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, April, 2009

Donald E. Wilkes Jr., speaker, "Retreat From Rights And Remedies: The Criminal Procedure Counterrevolution," the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Annual Convention, April, 2009

C. Donald Johnson was quoted in The Hindu (India's national newspaper) regarding a lecture that the Rusk Center hosted on individual rights by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India K.G. Balakrishnan.

Thomas A. Eaton's article "The Contours of a New FRCP, Rule 68.1: A Proposed Two-Way Offer of Settlement Provision for Federal Fee-Shifting Cases" (252 F.R.D. 551 (2008) (with H. Lewis)) has been selected for special recognition at this summer's Southeastern Association of Law Schools conference.

Fazal Khan was quoted in The Sunday Paper regarding the legal implications of assisting someone who wants to commit suicide.