1821 Lamar's Compilation

1821 Lamar's Compilation


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Download Titles: Slaves and Free People of Color - University (Pages 797-1065) (30.7 MB)

Download Titles: Vendue Masters - Wharves, Wharfage, Shipping, etc.; Resolutions; Index (Pages 1066-1300) (24.8 MB)

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A compilation of the laws of the State of Georgia : passed by the Legislature since the year 1810 to the year 1819, inclusive : comprising all the laws passed within those periods, arranged under appropriate heads, with notes of reference to those laws, or parts of laws, which are amended or repealed : to which are added, such concurred and approved resolutions, as are either of general, local, or private moment : concluding with a copious index to the laws, and a separate one to the resolutions.

1821 Lamar's Compilation