Volume 5, Number 1 (1975)



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Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law


The Death Penalty in Traditional China
Chin Kim and Theodore R. LeBlang


Colloquium on Certain Legal Aspects of Inter-American Cooperation: Establishment of Mechanisms for the Settlement of Economic Disputes; Views in the Americas on Basic Questions Relating to the Law of the Sea
Gabriel M. Wilner, Michael A. Robison, Dr. Enrique E. Bledel, Dr. José J. Caicedo Perdomo, A. A. Fatuoros, Dale Furnish, David A. Gantz, Dr. F. V. García-Amador, Moorhead C. Kennedy, Dr. C. Luppinacci, Dr. Valerie T. McComie, Dr. Alfodo Molina Orantes, Francisco Orrego Vicuña, José Pagés, Seymour Rubin, and Dean Rusk

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