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This black and white composite photograph measures 51 x 60 cm and presents the headshots of the students graduating and the law faculty from 1901. Text with individual names appears below each student and faculty portrait. Text at the center reads "University of Georgia, Law Class". Text at the bottom right names the photographer, C.W. Motes and the year 1901.

The members of this law class include the following individuals: Chancellor W.B. Hill, Judge Howell Cobb, Dr. S.C. Benedict, Prof. Jno. Mell, Prof. McPherson, Prof. S. Morris; Pratt A. Wiliams, R.J. Bacon Jr., C.J. Moore, L.I., Howell Cone, B.S., J.C. Elder, A.M., B.G. Parks, A.B., R.E. Dinsmore, L.I., W. M. Smith, A.B., H.C. Hollis, R.H. Booth, A.B., T.E. Latimer, A.B., Troup Whitehead, A.P. Adams, A.B., J.A. Branch, J.H. Powell Jr., E.N. Calhoun, Karl C.H. Drechsel, A.M., F.T. Lanier, E.P. Shannon, B.S., S.S. Sandford, A.R. Logan, J.A. Jenkins, J.E. Calkins, A.H. Burtz, D.H. Hunnicutt, W.P. Simms, D.T. DeHart, A.B., J.S. Colvard, Jno L. Erwin, A.B., Hamilton McWhorter, William E. Grubbs, C.E. Roop, B.S., J.M. Hunt, A.B., L.C. Rucker, B.S., J.D. Bradwell, A.B., M.Ph., S.D. Hewlett, J.E. Ricketson, R.L. Bennett, W.C. Lankford, C.C. Bowen, G.H. Harris, A.J. McDonald, F.K. McCutchen, R.L. Denmark, A.B., S.M. Turner, B.Ph., Pat H. Odom, A.M., M.D. Dickerson, B.S., E.M. Donaldson, C.O. Griggs, L.D. Russell, B.E. Fortson, I.M. Putnam, B.S., J.L. Tilson, A.B., J.A. Cross Jr., A.B., H.S. Walden, A.B., Y.H.S. Beleval, A.B., W.J. Hammond, A.B. G.L. Callaway, Paul Brown, LeeRoy Herring. D.E. McCuen, J.B. McCurry, E.O. Dobbs, A.B., W.H. Carney, Richard Terry, J.P. Mott, W.H. Hosch, B.Ph., Paul W. Whitten J. Worley Adams, H.J. Quincey, Ralph Dille, Des. [no photograph]


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