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Excerpt from the preface:

The object of the present volume is to furnish the legal profession, magistrates, county officers, and private citizens of this State, with a plain, accurate, and complete Form Book, which shall be cheap in price, and convenient in size, and so arranged that any one, however ignorant of such formulas, can use it when the occasion presents itself. Added to the forms, in the body of the work, are such directions and suggestions as it was supposed would be useful. In the Appendix are the statutory enactments of our State in regard to county .officers, magistrates, taxes, and elections, together with the rules of Court and the Constitution of Georgia. As it would have altered the plan of the work to have attempted to digest the laws upon subjects not treated of, or to have added annotations of judicial decisions, it has not been done, although it no doubt would have proven an addition to the work. If need be, this could be added to any future edition.

The original edition was published in Macon in 1853, met with a ready sale,- and was soon exhausted. This success led the author of the work to entertain the idea of another edition, and he had prepared some matter for it, but sold the copyright in 1854 to the present proprietor, without finishing the preparation necessary for it. This, and his decease in 1856, made it necessary for the present editor to complete the work. The reader is not expected to care much as to the paternity of the work, and hence no mark has been fixed by which the labors of the two compilers can be separated; the comparison of the two editions will, however, easily distinguish them.

The forms given are such as have been approved by our Supreme or Superior Courts, or taken from the best books of precedents, and, in some cases, from models furnished by cases in Court, drawn by practitioners of the best position. Many of them were used in the office of my father for thirty years, in his extensive practice in Milledgeville and Macon, and his correctness and research will no doubt guaranty them in the estimation of the people of Georgia, among whom he he had so many warm personal friends and admirers.

  • Albany, Georgia, July 1st, 1858.

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John M. Cooper & Co. ; Jospeh M. Boardman


Savannah; Macon


historical treatises, historical, procedure, rules of court


Legal Education | Legal History | State and Local Government Law


This title was digitized in 2021 thanks to a project grant from the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA) along with 8 other historical treatises. Titles were made freely available and accessible in 2022.

Legal forms for common use in Georgia : embracing over four hundred approved precedents, for affidavits, agreements, bills of sale, deeds, notes, etc., etc., also, forms in judicial proceedings, arbitrations, attachments, orders, process, pleading, probate of deeds, rules, wills, etc., etc., with others to guide attorneys, magistrates, justices of the Inferior Court, constables, sheriffs, ordinaries, clerks, etc., etc., in the many duties required of them by law : to which is added an appendix containing the statutory provisions as to county officers, magistrates, and elections, the rules of court, and the Constitution of Georgia