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Excerpt from the preface:


Atlanta, Ga., September 26th, 1881.

Under special employment for the purpose, by Messrs. Silman & Thompson, I have carefully examined the collection of legal forms which they have prepared. As a result of the examination, I can and do recommend these Forms, each and all, as safe and sufficient. They are calculated to serve the wants, not only of attorneys at law, Ordinaries, County Commissioners, Clerks, Sheriffs, Coroners, Justices of the Peace, and others engaged in administering the law or executing its process, but, also, in some degree, of business men in general, such as merchants, bankers, brokers, factors, etc. Even mechanics, planters, farmers, and their employees, may consult them with advantage, and on many occasions save time and expense bjr using them. I think they may be followed with confidence—with full reliance upon their accuracy.

  • L. E. Bleckley.

The Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Representatives, appointed under the resolution of December 3d, 1880, to examine and report upon the Hand Book of Legal Forms, prepared by Messrs. Silman & Thompson, of the county of Jackson, submit the following report: The manuscript was presented to the committee after the commencement of the present adjourned session of the General' Assembly. It was divided by the authors into five parts, one of which was thorouglily and critically examined by each member of the committee» after which the whole work underwent such examination as the limited time and opportunity would permit. The committee are satisfied from, this examination that the forms contained in this volume are safe and sufficient, as well as concise and accurate, and are therefore adapted to the general wants of those who wish to use legal forms.

  • H. D. McDaniei.,
  • W. P. Price,
  • Henry Hillyer,
  • J. B. Estes,
  • Pope Barrow.

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Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Publishers & Printers




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This title was digitized in 2021 thanks to a project grant from the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA) along with 8 other historical treatises. Titles were made freely available and accessible in 2022.

The Georgia form book, or, A collection of legal forms under Georgia law : designed to aid attorneys-at-law, judges, ordinaries, clerks, coroners, sheriffs, justices of the peace, constables, road commissioners, etc, etc., as well as business men in general