The purpose of The Davenport-Benham Chapter of the Black Law Students Association at the University of Georgia School of Law is to utilize the collective resources available to the chapter, including members, alumni and friends for the creation and maintenance of a law school environment that is conducive to Black students' effective study of the law by:

  • Articulating and addressing the academic, financial, political, social and professional needs of its membership;
  • Fostering and encouraging professional competence;
  • Encouraging the increase in the number of Black students and addressing problems of attrition (should they exist);
  • Instilling in members a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Black community;
  • Encouraging the increase in the number of Black faculty in the law school;
  • Promoting the interaction between the membership and other organizations within the law school and the University specifically, and the legal community and Black community generally; and
  • Doing all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.

The content and opinions expressed on this Web page do not necessarily reflect the views of, nor are they endorsed by, the University of Georgia or the University System of Georgia.

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