Amicus Briefs, 1995

newsjan95.pdf (107 kB)
January 1995: New Food and Drink Policy; Old Georgia Bar Exams on Reserve; First Year Lexis and Westlaw Training; New Westlaw Print Limits; Changes in the Library; We Have A Winner! Name the On-line Catalog Contest

newsfeb95.pdf (95 kB)
February 1995: We Heard You! And the Winner Is...(GAVEL); Photocopier Update; Computer Services Assistant; Basic Internet Classes; Legal Literature; Chaos in the Annex;

newsmar95.pdf (71 kB)
March 1995: Advanced Legal Research; Basic Internet Classes Back by Popular Demand; How Do I Know If I Have an Active CONTAC Account? What Do I Do? I Forgot My CONTAC Password; Courtroom Bloopers; Lexis-Nexis Guide Enriched

newsapr95.pdf (48 kB)
April 1, 1995: New Stack Policy! On-Line Catalog: Contest Error; Student Feedback

newsaug95.pdf (84 kB)
August 1995: Welcome! Lost Your Password? New Copy Machines! Library Entrances; Law School World Wide Web Page

newssep95.pdf (95 kB)
September 1995: CALI Exercises; Laser Printer Survey Results; Basic Internet Classes; Westlaw Training; Law School Web Page

newsoct95.html (8 kB)
October 1995: Security Guard; Research Tip: Gov't Documents; Coming Soon: Upcoming Computer Changes in the Law Library; Book Review; Attention: Microsoft Word 6.0 Users

newsnov95.pdf (87 kB)
November 1995: Furniture Move; First Year Computer Survey Results; Microsoft Word Coming Soon; First Floor of Library Annex Designated as Ultra Quiet Area; Exam Anxiety? Try the CALI Exercises for Relief; Exam and Holiday Hours