Amicus Briefs, 1994

newsfeb94.pdf (80 kB)
January 1994: New and Improved Library Lounge Area; Coming Soon...Library Online Catalog; New Westlaw Printer; West Publishing Co.'s Georgia Cases on CD-ROM; Library Security; Legal Literature Section

newsfeb94.pdf (80 kB)
February 1994: E-Mail for Law Students!! Introduction to the Internet Class Schedule; Federal Third

newsapr94.pdf (92 kB)
April 1994: Internet Junkies; Accessing Your CONTAC Via the Library Labs; Accessing Your CONTAC Account Via Modem; Fire Safety; Nexis Is News! Lexis Print Limits; TopTen List; Lexis Freestyle "Plain English" Searching

newsaug94.pdf (159 kB)
August 1994: From the Director; Law Library Hours; Westlaw and Lexis Changes; Law Library School of Law; Westlaw and Lexis Passwords; Got A Question? Ask A Reference Librarian at the New Reference Desk; Got A Complaint or Compliment? E-mail Accounts; Copicards

newssep94.pdf (76 kB)
September 1994: Introduction to the Internet Class Schedule; Research Tips; "Hum a Few Bar" Exam; Floppy Disks in the Library Computer Lab;

newsoct94.pdf (83 kB)
October 1994: Mutilated and Missing books; Lighted Magnifier; New Legaltrac! Westlaw and Lexis Student Representatives; Copier Experiment

newsnov94.pdf (90 kB)
November 1994: Compter Services Assistant; First Floor of the Library Annex Designated as Ultra-Quiet Area; Virus Alert! Computer Lab Closed Tuesday, November 15; Library Hours; Win Fame & Fortune!!! Name the Law Library Online Catalog