Amicus Briefs, 1992

newsjan92.pdf (101 kB)
January 1992: Westcheck and Checkcite Classes; Lost and Found; From the Director's Office; Preparing for a Research Paper? Library Fines; Missing Books; Computer News; Westlaw and Lexis News; Infotrac News

newsmar92.pdf (156 kB)
March 1992: New Legal Ligerature Section; New Computers; New Lexis Printer; Did You Know? Spring Break Hours; Food and Drink in the Law Library; Georgia Research Tips; Westlaw and Lexis Summer Associate Tips

newsaug92.pdf (135 kB)
August 1992: Welcome Back! Westlaw and Lexis Passwords; Westlaw and Lexis Software; New Labor Bay; Word Processing Lab; Viruses Viruses Viruses Viruses; Coming Soon; New Lexis Printer; Law Library Hours; Compact Shelving; Got a Question - Ask a Reference Librarian; Photocopying; Microform Reader/Printer; Interlibrary Loan; Lost and Found; Infotrac; Recent Law Reviews and Legal Periodicals

newssep92.pdf (80 kB)
September 1992: Westlaw and Lexis Classes; From the Circulation Desk; Legal Literature Section; Lexis Upgrade; Reader's Guide; Personal Belongings

newsnov92.pdf (149 kB)
November 1992: Word Processing Lab Upgraded!! Legal Research Tips: Periodical Indexes; Legal Literature Section; Law Library Thanksgiving Hours; Exam Panic! Did You Know? Westlaw Is Natural: WIN; Lexcite Feature