Amicus Briefs, 2020

Amicus_Jan2020.pdf (1466 kB)
Meet Our New Student Services Librarian: Geraldine Rose Kalim; Celebrate the Growth of the Public Domain: Works from 1924 now Copyright Free!; Upcoming Events and MLK Library Hours; EITS Network Maintenance January 25th; Law Dawg of the Month: Nutmeg

Amicus_Feb2020.pdf (4030 kB)
Civil Rights Items; Georgia Legislature Is In Session; How to Find Local Court Dockets; Law Dawg of the Month & Law Dawg Reunited; Upcoming Events including: Bluebook and 1L Brief Lunch & Learn, Book Repair Clinic, and more

Amicus_Mar2020.pdf (9006 kB)
Library Hours & Resources During COVID-19; Online Resources for Women's History Month; Law Dawg of the Month: Cooper; Cool New Book: What's Your Pronoun; From the Archives: Historic Photographs

Amicus_April2020.pdf (4666 kB)
Planning for the Unknown; Resource Spotlight: Course-Required Textbooks & Online Study Aids; Law Dawg of the Month: Bun-Bun (a Rabbitt!); Mindfulness Myths, Virtual Yoga, and Other Resources; Census 2020

Amicus_May-June 2020.pdf (10521 kB)
Congrats to Librarians and Staff; Summer Access to Databases; Still Feeling Stressed? Try Our LibGuide; Summer Reading; Art from the Archives: Sculptures in the Library; Law Dawg of the Month

Amicus_AUG2020.pdf (9794 kB)
Welcome Back New and Returning Students from the Director; Information on Library Reopening; Met Savanna Nolan: Instruction & Faculty Services Librarian; Law Dawg of the Month: Bruce Wayne; From the Archives: Event Records in the Repository

Amicus_SEPT2020.pdf (4548 kB)
From the Archives: Library Research & Special Collections Support Student-Driven Initiatives & Institutional Cultural Diversity; Resource Spotlight: New Social Justice Guide & One Read; From the Collection: Remembering the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II; Law Dawg of the Month: Louie

Oct20 final.pdf (6751 kB)
Remembering RBG; Law Dawg of the Month: Oliver; Law Library open Access Panel & Film Screening: The Internet's Own Boy; Social Justice Book Recommendation; Mindfulness Corner

Amicus_NOV2020.pdf (1279 kB)
Director of the Law Library Retiring; Library Hours; Law Dawgs: Recent Acquisitions; Stress Busters; Highlights From Our Resource Guides; Study Aids Online