Judge Lisa Godbey Wood to serve as graduation speaker; Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears to teach at Georgia Law; Georgia Law dominates state advocacy tournament - finishes strong in nationals; Puckett to receive AALL's highest honor; Georgia Law provides an excellent return on investment according to The New York Times; Indian Supreme Court Justice speaks on individual rights; Five professor earn promotions - one professor added; Listen online to recent lecturers and conferences; Faculty on the Record: professors David A. Brennen, Thomas A. Eaton, Usha Rodrigues, Harlan G. Cohen, Peter A. Appel and Dean Rebecca H. White; Ellington and O'Kelley retire; Congratulations to all Awards Day recipients; Class of 2009 Legacy Gift tops $88,500; Alumni directory update; Kurtz dances with the Athens "stars;" Students on the record.