Training the Troops for the Trenches by Fran Thomas; "Good-bye God! We're Going to Washington!" by Robert G. Stephens, Jr.; Palsgraf Day by Kent Hannon; "The Constitution and Human Values: The Unfinished Agenda" Symposium Issues of the Georgia Law Review The Georgia Law Review Association; U.S. and Japan: The Good News by Thomas J. Schoenbaum

Canada-United State Free Trade Agreement; United States-Israel Free Trade Agreement; Canadian Embassy Grant; The Rusk Center Research Director; Law Day 1986

The Marion and W. Colquitt Carter Chair in Tort and Insurance Law; Sibley and Brock Professorships; The Ernest P. Rogers Professorship; The Vaughn C. Ball Library Fund; Class Challenge Report; News Notes; Distinguished Service Award Recipient.

ICJE Director Heads National Association of State Judicial Educators; ICLE Director on National Planning Committee; Professor and Student Receive Authors Court Awards; Hellerstein Publishes Landmark Study on Taxing Natural Resources; Prosecutorial Clinic Director to Enter Private Practice; Visiting Professors Hansford and Wohl; Faculty Notes; The President's Club