Phi Alpha Delta is pleased to present another timely edition of the Georgia Law School Directory. With it we extend our welcome to the class of 1984, and a special greeting to the new arrivals among our faculty and administration.

Publication of the Directory has traditionally served a dual function in Phi Alpha Delta's ongoing commitment of "Service to the Student, the Law School, and the Profession." Most obviously, it provides a useful correlation of names, faces, and phone numbers, a practical guide to the variety of life forms inhabiting our halls. Less conspicuously, but of equal importance, the Directory also represents a principal source of funding for Phi Alpha Delta's quarterly scholarship award, a nominal sum open to all law students on the sole basis of demonstrated need. We thank you for your support in making this project a success, with a special note of appreciation for our ever-patient typist, Peggy Hammel, and our friends downtown, the local merchants advertising in this year's directory.