Welcome to the University of Georgia Law Library

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with the Law Library. It is divided into three parts. The first is a description of the Law Library: its staff, services, policies and special collections.

The second section is designed to help you find the tools available in the library and to briefly explain how these tools are used. If, at any time, you need additional help, the members of the Law Library Staff will be happy to be of assistance.

The third section contains a quick index of locations to help you fInd your way. We try to keep these tools as accurate as possible, but please bear with us as we continue to shift. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to ask.

We welcome your suggestions and comments as to how we might better serve you. To encourage your comments, both good and bad, we have provided a "comment book." It is located on the counter to the left of the front entrance. We review this book on a continuing basis and a member of the law library staff will respond to your comments.

Once again, welcome.