The School of Law's first year under its present administration, 1964-1965, was an exciting one for all members of the Law School community, and it might well have been expected that the second year, 1965-1966, would show lessening of enthusiasm, if not of dedication. It is therefore a source of great satisfaction to be able to report that, if anything, the will to succeed is even stronger now than it was at the end of the first year.

In many ways 1965-1966 was a year of consolidation and of the implementation of plans prepared and programs begun in 1964-65. Yet very substantial progress was made on every front, and fortunately there were only a few minor set-backs.

Four new Professors were added to the full-time teaching staff. They vary widely in age and experience, but all are men of outstanding ability and real promise in the teaching profession. They have greatly strengthened an already strong faculty.

Regrettably we have not yet filled either of the endowed Professorships, but our efforts were made with the knowledge that, until the new facility is ready for occupancy, our situation is not completely attractive to a man at the peak of his teaching and scholarly career.