One mark of a quality school if the leadership it produces. The University of Georgia School of Law is unequaled as a producer of Georgia's leaders. In the past seventy-nine years, eight of the state's governors have been Georgia law graduates. Within this same period, 28 LL.B. degree earners from the University of Georgia have served as United States representatives, and six U.S. senators in the last 100 years were Georgia law graduates.

Georgia graduates comprise a majority on both the state's appeals court (seven of nine judges on the Georgia Court of Appeals) and its highest court (four of seven justices on the Georgia Supreme Court).

The present governor, George D. Busbee, and the state's Attorney General, Arthur K. Bolton, are Georgia Law School graduates.

When these state leaders were beginning their career preparations, the Georgia Law School represented an attractive option for a legal education. This is even more the case today. With a high quality program of study at reasonable cost, the school continues to be attractive to the best young people that Georgia and the region have to offer.