For the past two years the faculty of the School of Law of The University of Georgia has been studying the curriculum of this School as well as the curricula of the other leading law schools in the country for the purpose of effecting such revision as seemed desirable to better serve the needs of the students. The bulletin of the Law School, which has been issued recently, gives the details of the new curriculum which has been prepared by the law faculty and approved by the President of the University. The members of the faculty believe that the changes which have been made will better fit the law graduates to meet present day conditions at the bar and to discharge their social responsibilities.

The equipment of the Law School is on the whole satisfactory, but a new mimeograph is absolutely necessary in order to effectively carry on the work of the School. A few more tables are needed in the third year classroom and a new typewriter for the use of N.Y.A. workers.

The registration during 1937-1938 was as follows:

Class of 1938 35

Class of 1939 34

Class of 1940 49

Irregular 1

Special 1

Total 120