Inaugurated in 1983, the Edith House Lecture Series brings outstanding female legal scholars and practitioners to Athens. Edith Elizabeth House, a native of Winder, Ga., was one of the first female graduates of the University of Georgia School of Law. She graduated in 1925 and was co-valedictorian of her class. House enjoyed a distinguished career in public service, which spanned over 30 years. This lecture series is sponsored by the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers UGA Chapter (formerly the Women Law Students Association).


Lectures from 2024


41st Edith House Lecture with Janet Judge, Janet Judge and Darrice Griffin

Lectures from 2023


40th Edith House Lecture with Lisa Monaco, Lisa Monaco

Lectures from 2022


39th Edith House Lecture with Kirin Ahuja, Kirin Ahuja

Lectures from 2021


A Fireside Chat with Supreme Court Justices McMillian and Warren, Carla Wong McMillian and Sarah Hawkins Warren

Lectures from 2019

Rising Through the Ranks, Audrey Boone Tillman

Lectures from 2018

A Conversation With Distinguished Lecturer from Government at Georgetown Law Sally Q. Yates, Sally Quillian Yates

Lectures from 2017

Reflections on My Journey as a Mother and a Judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson

Lectures from 2016

The Voice of a Woman Lawyer: Why It Matters and How to Use It, Stacey Godfrey Evans

Lectures from 2015

Long Pants or Short Skirts: Fitting In, Fighting Back or Finding Your Own Way, Kelly Caffarelli

Lectures from 2014

It’s Time to Try Defying Gravity – One Woman’s Thoughts on Having it All, Teresa Wynn Roseborough

Lectures from 2013

Why the Constitution Matters and Why Women Should Care, Edith H. Jones

Lectures from 2012

Winning or Winning with Integrity? A Lawyer's Role in the Corporate World, Leslie M. Turner

Lectures from 2011

Women and the Law: We've Come a Long Way ... Maybe, Carol W. Hunstein

Lectures from 2010

Wise Women? What Women Bring to the Bench and How to Talk About It Like Gentlemen, Dahlia Lithwick

Lectures from 2009

Are We Our Mother's Law Students?: Women's Law School Experiences and an Agenda for Action, Felice J. Batlan

Lectures from 2008

Freedom and Justice for Some: Federal Judicial Review for Guantanamo Bay Prisoners, Shirley M. Hufstedler

Lectures from 2007

Disability Rights: A Liberation Movement for All People, Harriet McBryde Johnson

Lectures from 2006

Some Leaders Are Born Women, Sarah Weddington

Lectures from 2005

Women in the Law, Jean H. Toal

Lectures from 2004

Naturalizing Anti-discimination Law, Linda Hamilton Krieger

Lectures from 2003

Using Legal Strategies to Promote Women’s Reproductive Rights: Achievements and Challenges, Kathy Hall-Martinez

Lectures from 2002


Securing Justice for Women in the United Nations International War Crimes Tribunals and Beyond, Kelly Dawn Askin

Lectures from 2001

Missing Voices: Black Mothers and the Politics of Child Welfare, Dorothy Roberts

Lectures from 1999

Getting Confirmed as a Federal Judge, Susan Oki Mollway

Lectures from 1998


Roe v. Wade: 25 Years Later, Sarah Weddington

Lectures from 1997

Sex and Guilt, Anne Coughlin

Lectures from 1996

What's In It For Me? Why Don't White Women Support Affirmative Action?, Martha S. West

Lectures from 1995

Why Are We Here?, Dorothy Toth Beasley

The First Amendment and Sexual Harassment at School and at Work, Mary E. Becker

Lectures from 1994

Private Practice/Public Service - Reminiscences About the Women's Rights Movement, Brooksley E. Born

Lectures from 1992

Banished Bodies (Part 1), Patricia J. Williams

Banished Bodies (Part 2), Patricia J. Williams

Lectures from 1991

Towards a Feminist Theory Interconnecting Subordinations, Mari J. Matsuda

Lectures from 1990

A Postmodern Feminist Critique of Equal Protection Doctrine, Patricia A. Cain

Lectures from 1989

Diversity: Gender, Religion and Race, Martha Minow

Lectures from 1988

International Affairs and the Implausibility of Democracy, R. Lea Brilmayer

Lectures from 1987

Beyond Negotiation: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antonia Handler Chayes

Lectures from 1985

Justice and Juror, Shirley S. Abrahamson

Positive (Affirmative) Action within the European Economic Community, Eliane Vogel-Polsky

Lectures from 1984

The Crisis in Child Support, Gladys Kessler