The Future of Education in Georgia : A+ Education Reform Act of 2000

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[In 1999] the Governor of the State of Georgia issued a challenge to his newly formed Education Reform Study Commission. He said:"I am counting on this group to shake up the educational system as it exists today in Georgia. We have been able to put together a group of people who are both experienced with and devoted to educational issues, and I know that they will be able to develop sound ideas that will help restore public confidence in our schools."

And shake up they did. As a result of the Commission's work, House Bill 1187 was introduced to the Georgia General Assembly [in 2000]. A hotly debated bill, the "A+ Education Reform Act of 2000" will affect all aspects of the educational system. As a part of this reform the leaders of Georgia's educational institutions will come together to form the Education Coordinating Council. Their purpose will be to improve public education through a "seamless" coordination among Georgia's public education providers. On March 31, we will have three very important members of this council to discuss their outlook on education in Georgia: Governor Roy Barnes (J.D. '72), Chairman of the State School Board Otis Brumby (J.D. '65), and Chancellor Stephen Portch.

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