The United States of America
Oswald Pohl, August Frank, Georg Loerner, Heinz Karl Fanslau, Hans Loerner, Joseph Vogt, Erwin Tschentscher, Rudolf Scheide, Max Kiefer, Franz Eirenschmalz, Karl Sommer, Herman Pook, Hans Baier, Hans Hohberg, Leo Volk, Karl Mummenthey, Hans Bobermin, and Horst Klein,

Indictment filed: 13 January 1947

Trial dates: 8 April 1947 -17 September 1947

NMT 2 Judges: Robert M. Toms (Michigan) (presiding judge), Fitzroy Donald Phillips (North Carolina), Michael A. Musmanno (Pennsylvania), and John J. Speight (Alabama) (alternate judge)

Chief Prosecutor: James M. McHaney and Jack W. Robbins

Judgment: 3 November 1947

Sentencing: 3 November 1947; 11 August 1948



Submissions from 1948


Supplemental Judgment, Military Tribunal No. II

Submissions from 1947


Opinion and Judgment of the Tribunal, Military Tribunal No. II


Concurring Opinion, Michael A. Musmanno


Indictment, Office of Military Government for Germany (US)


Closing Argument for the United States, Telford Taylor


Opening Statement for the United States of America, Telford Taylor