The United State of America
Ulrich Greifelt, Rudolf Creutz, Konrad Meyer-Hetling, Otto Schwarzenberger, Herbert Huebner, Werner Lorenz, Heinz Brueckner, Otto Hofmann, Richard Hildebrandt, Fritz Schwalm, Max Sollmann, Gregor Ebner, Guenther Tesch, and Inge Viermetz,

Indictment filed: 1 July 1947

Trial dates: 20 October 1947 - 13 February 1948

Judges: Lee B. Wyatt (Georgia) (presiding judge), Daniel T. O'Connell (Massachusetts), and Johnson T. Crawford (Oklahoma)

Chief Prosecutor:

Judgment: 10 March 1948

Sentencing: 10 March 1948

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Submissions from 1948


Transcript of the Judgment and Sentence, Military Tribunal I

Submissions from 1947


Indictment, Office of Military Government for Germany (US)