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U.S. Senator 1856-60, 1872
Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court 1888-92

Artist: Maurice Siegler
Donor: Law Classes of 1925 and 1926
Location: Library Annex 1


Lucius Quintius Cincinnatus Lamar was born in Putnam County, Georgia, September 17, 1825. He received his early education in Oxford, Mississippi and was graduated from Emory College in 1845. Later he read law in Macon and was admitted to the bar in 1847. After two years as professor of mathematics at the University of Mississippi, he began the practice of law at Covington, Georgia, but returned to Mississippi in 1854. From 1857 to 1860 he represented Mississippi in Congress. After the war he served another term in the House and was elected to the Senate in 1877. On March 5, 1885 he became Secretary of the Interior in the Cabinet of President Cleveland and served until January 16, 1888 when he was appointed an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. He died at Macon on January 23, 1893.