UGA School of Law enrolls academically talented and diverse first-year class


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

WRITER: Heidi Murphy, 706/542-5172, hmurphy@uga.edu CONTACT: Giles Kennedy, 706/542-7060, gkennedy@uga.edu

UGA School of Law enrolls academically talented and diverse first-year class

ATHENS, Ga. – Today, an academically gifted and diverse group of students will begin the three-year pursuit of a law degree at the University of Georgia School of Law. The Class of 2008, comprised of 210 students, boasts a median Law School Admissions Test score of 163, which ties the record high and reflects a score that places them in the top 10 percent of test takers nationwide. The median undergraduate grade point average for these first-year students is 3.55. Moreover, the top quarter of the class scored a 164 or higher on the LSAT and achieved a 3.80 or better undergraduate GPA.

Nearly one-quarter (23.8%) of the entering class indicated that they are members of a minority group, making this class one of the most diverse in law school history. Of the 50 minority students enrolled in the Class of 2008, 33 are African Americans.

“Each year, we strive to enroll a highly qualified first-year class,” Georgia Law Director of Admissions Giles W. Kennedy said. “This year, we reviewed nearly 2,600 applications, and the admissions committee spent a significant amount of time reading files and paying close attention to the strengths and accomplishments of each applicant. We are confident these newly enrolled students will excel in their studies and become future leaders in the legal profession regionally, nationally and internationally.”

He added, “Georgia Law’s strong academic reputation, backed by some of the best legal scholars in the nation, combined with its affordable tuition make Georgia Law an excellent place to earn a law degree.”

The entering class includes 109 males and 101 females. In keeping with the law school's commitment to provide the finest legal education to state residents, 77 percent of the first-year students claim Georgia as their home state. The average age of the students is 24.

The Class of 2008 includes graduates from 78 institutions who hail from 21 states. The schools supplying the largest number of students include the University of Georgia (71), the Georgia Institute of Technology (12), Emory University (7) and Georgia State University (6). Auburn, Furman, Spelman, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and the universities of Florida and Tennessee are represented by four graduates each.

Georgia Law is currently ranked as one of the top four public law schools in the Southeast and as one of the top 14 public law schools in the nation by U.S.News & World Report. ##