School of Law welcomes its newest students


School of Law welcomes its newest students

Monday, August 14, 2017

Orientation has begun for the 189 members of the Class of 2020. These Juris Doctor students are a diverse group with a variety of backgrounds, and 25 are first-generation college graduates. They hail from 24 states and studied at 62 undergraduate institutions. Twenty-one percent self-identify as belonging to a minority group, while three are military veterans. The median undergraduate GPA of this impressive class is 3.71 and the median LSAT score is 162. The school also welcomes 15 LL.M. (Master of Laws) students, hailing from 10 countries on five continents and four M.S.L. (Master in the Study of Law) students seeking knowledge of the legal system to enhance their careers.

These students are beginning a rigorous journey at the School of Law that will prepare them for success after graduation by ensuring they receive a first-rate legal education. Students will be connected to world-class scholars and distinguished jurists, legal professionals and a wide array of employment opportunities and judicial clerkships as well as unique learning experiences. University of Georgia law students are encouraged to think not only about how they can be effective lawyers but also be leaders in their fields of expertise and communities.

The School of Law is excited to welcome these students to the UGA School of Law community.

All statistics as 8/10/17.