At the 2002 School of Law Holiday Luncheon held on December 11, Employee Service Awards were presented in addition to the inaugural Employee Distinguished Service Awards.

EMPLOYEE SERVICE AWARDS Service years recognized are just to the School of Law and include any previous years of service at the law school. Cut-off for service year is December 31, 2002. Those receiving service awards were:

5 Years of Service Peter A. Appel, J. Randy Beck, Catherine M. Dasher, Elizabeth Grant, Jan Hoffman, Joyce H. Moss, Charles R.T. O'Kelley and Daniel U. White

10 Years of Service Phyllis R. Cooke and Allison G. Hale

15 Years of Service Dan T. Coenen, Willimenia L. Haynes, Laura J. Johnson (should have been recognized in 2001 but was accidentally omitted from list), Edward J. Larson, Joy N. Lester, Karen M. Sorrells and Carol A. Watson

20 Years of Service Bertis E. Downs IV, Kathy E. Mitchem and Richard D. Reaves

25 Years of Service Milner S. Ball

30 Years of Service Gabriel M. Wilner

35 Years of Service Diana S. Duderwicz

45 Years of Service R. Perry Sentell Jr.

EMPLOYEE DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS The Employee Distinguished Service Award was designed to recognize employees who have demonstrated a strong work ethic, commitment to service, and the exceptional job performance and cooperation necessary to increase the quality of education and service provided by the School of Law. The Employee Distinguished Service Award will be given to two employees each fiscal quarter. Employees are to be selected from nominations by the law school community at large, including ICLE, ICJE, the law library and all clinic programs.

The winners for the July-September 2002 quarter were Sandra Osborn, ICLE, and Ebony Thompson, Dean Rusk Center.

Excerpt from Sandra Osborn's Nomination I would like to nominate Sandra Osborn for the honor of being an outstanding employee. We all need to be flexible in our jobs; but she has been doing two jobs with a positive attitude. The Institute of Continuing Legal Education provides approximately 180 seminars a year. There are about 24,000 attorneys in Georgia, and they each need 12 hours of continuing education yearly to keep their licenses. The speakers at ICLE seminars are, for the most part, volunteer and do not receive pay for participating in the seminar. Each speaker prepares a paper containing substantive materials to be presented at the seminar; there may be from 6 to 26 speakers at each program. ICLE currently has a vacancy for the job which entails paginating and preparing these papers for printing and binding in the ICLE print shop and giving page count information to the print shop so covers can be ordered and pricing can be determined. Though Sandra is publications mail supervisor, in charge of the shipping department, she has helped by doing this second job until the vacancy can be filled.

Excerpt from Ebony Thompson's Nomination My nomination goes to Ebony Thompson, senior secretary at the Dean Rusk Center, who has shown exemplary professionalism, especially in her work with the International Judicial Training Program (IJTP). Ebony has worked at the Rusk Center for the last three years and serves as one of the coordinators of the IJTP. She is in charge of a great part of the logistical work of bringing judges and court personnel from around the world to the University of Georgia. Ms. Thompson does her work with intelligence, efficiency and with a careful eye for details. Her work reflects a higher standard of proficiency and responsibility than the one dictated by the nature of her work. I have also seen her undertake complicated bookkeeping and grant-keeping tasks on her own initiative, with very little in-house guidance, and complete them with skill that's way beyond requirements and definitions of the tasks of a senior secretary. I highly recommend Ms. Thompson for the Employee Distinguished Service Award.

Congratulations to all winners.

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