Friday, February 8, 2002

WRITER: Molly Barrett, 706/542-5172 CONTACT: Paul Kurtz, 706/542-7140, pmkurtz@uga.edu Phyllis Cooke, 706/542-7637, cooke@uga.edu TARA BAKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP TO BE AWARDED THIS FALL

ATHENS, Ga. - The University of Georgia School of Law is pleased to announce the endowment of the Tara Baker Memorial Scholarship which will be awarded for the first time this fall. This scholarship was established in honor of the late Tara Louise Baker who was a first-year law student at the time of her death on Jan. 19, 2001.

School of Law Associate Dean Paul Kurtz said, "Both as Tara's former teacher and as associate dean, I am very pleased that this scholarship has become a reality. She was a very special person and remembering her in this way will mean a lot both to her family and to the law school community. It is also comforting to know the tragic loss of Tara will produce something positive."

The Tara Baker Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to Georgia residents who are in their second or third year at UGA's School of Law. In awarding the scholarship, preference may be given to females and to students who have demonstrated an interest in criminal prosecution. Students who receive the scholarship will be known as "Tara Baker scholars."

Students will be asked to submit a short essay in applying for the scholarship. A committee appointed by law school Dean David Shipley will review the essays. Suggestions from Miss Baker's classmates and friends will be considered in the scholarship award process.

Miss Baker had wanted to be a lawyer since age 14 and was on her way to her goal. While earning a Juris Doctor degree typically takes three years to complete, Miss Baker intended to complete her degree early so she could practice law as soon as possible. She had entered the University of Georgia School of Law in August 2000 and was elected a student senator by her classmates. She was slain in her home (one day before her 24th birthday), and no suspect has been named to date.

Contributions can still be made to the Tara Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund. Those interested in donating to the fund may either send a check to the UGA Foundation, 824 S. Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA, 30602-5582 or they may contact the UGA School of Law's development office at (706) 542-7639. Law students interested in applying for the Tara Baker Memorial Scholarship should contact the law school admissions office at (706) 542-7060.

All UGA scholarship funds must be endowed with at least $25,000 before awards can be made. This investment level was achieved late last month.