UGA law professor available to comment on Ricci case and/or Judge Sotomayor nomination


June 29, 2009

Media Advisory

University of Georgia School of Law Assistant Professor Hillel Y. Levin is a constitutional law scholar, an expert on the Civil Rights Act and a Supreme Court observer. Today's Supreme Court ruling in Ricci v. DeStefano relates to all of these areas of interest. In the opinion, the Court narrowly reverses Supreme Court nominee Judge Sotomayor's earlier ruling. The case provides some important guidance for future interpretation of the Civil Rights Act and leaves open some crucial constitutional law questions. In addition, the case will be front and center for the Senate judiciary committee when it begins its confirmation hearings of Judge Sotomayor.

Levin is available to discuss the Ricci case and/or the nomination of Judge Sotomayor and can be reached at hlevin@uga.edu.

Levin joined Georgia Law in the fall of 2008 teaching courses in civil procedure, constitutional law and legislation. He comes to UGA from Stanford Law School where he served as an instructor and fellow and taught legal research and writing. Levin's research focuses on the empirical and normative evaluation of legal process and judicial decision-making. His work has appeared in the Stanford Law Review, the Connecticut Law Review, the Green Bag and elsewhere. For further information on Levin, please visit http://www.law.uga.edu/academics/profiles/levin.html.