UGA School of Law library honored with Briggs Award


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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UGA School of Law library honored with Briggs Award

ATHENS, Ga. - The University of Georgia School of Law's Alexander Campbell King Law Library was awarded the Briggs Award by Briggs & Associates, an employment agency specializing in custom career design and support for people with disabilities, earlier this month. This award recognizes employers who embody the Shakespearean philosophy "there's place and means for every man alive" and who make efforts to create a workplace that reflects the entire community.

"In the nomination, the law library was recognized as the employer in Athens that best met the Briggs philosophy - that any person who has the desire [to work also] has the ability to be productive and successful in the workplace," Jennifer Briggs, president of Briggs & Associates in Atlanta said.

Briggs & Associates Career Specialists Jennifer Bradford, Audra Pursell and Jennifer Fobart, who provide career assistance for individuals with developmental disabilities, and Regional Director Mollee Atkinson nominated the law library for the honor due to its work with employee Janeanne Napoli.

"The goals of the award are to thank the law library for their resourcefulness in overcoming obstacles that allow Janeanne to thrive in the workplace and to share this story with other employers so they might follow their lead," Briggs said.

Recipients are chosen based on the long-term commitment to the Briggs philosophy, the leadership to create jobs not traditionally available to people with developmental disabilities and the daily demonstration of the values inscribed on the award: believing in people, recognizing individual potential, instigating inclusive work staffs, generating supportive work environments, giving back to the community and serving as an example to other employers.

"It was a complete surprise but a great honor to be recognized in this capacity," said E. Ann Puckett, law professor and director of the law library. "All the credit for this award goes to the staff of the law library, most particularly Maureen Cahill, who has been an extraordinary supervisor and friend to Janeanne."

According to Puckett, Janeanne has proved to be a very dedicated and reliable employee. "She took over a function, inter-office mail delivery, that we have had trouble with for years and made it work effectively and efficiently," she said.

Briggs & Associates awarded the law library with a certificate which is on display in the building.