Institute of Higher Education selects Law Professor Dupre as Senior Fellow


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WRITER: Jessica McGahee, 706/542-5172, jmcg@uga.edu CONTACT: Anne Proffitt Dupre, 706/542-5294, adupre@uga.edu Thomas G. Dyer, 706/542-1712, tdyer@uga.edu

Institute of Higher Education selects Law Professor Dupre as Senior Fellow

Anne Proffitt Dupre, a J. Alton Hosch Professor at the University of Georgia School of Law, has been selected by the faculty of the UGA Institute of Higher Education to serve as a Senior Fellow at the institute.

Senior Fellows are distinguished persons with strong scholarly expertise in areas of importance to the Institute of Higher Education, which focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, research and outreach, with particular emphases in policy and law, faculty and instructional development, and public service and outreach.

"The institute highly values its relationship with Anne Dupre," University Professor and IHE Director Thomas G. Dyer said. "Our students and faculty benefit from her warm collegiality and rigorous intellect. We're honored and pleased that she has become a Senior Fellow of the institute."

Dyer said Dupre has been a vigorous participant in a number of IHE activities over the years. She was a key participant in an administrative training program for thirty high-level academic administrators from the largest university in China, and she took part in a seminar concerning faculty ethics with representatives from five Croatian universities in Zagreb. Dupre and another IHE faculty member, J. Douglas Toma, established a conference on education law, which Dyer calls "one of the most creative student-faculty conferences on higher education law in the U.S."